Items that You Should Throw Away Regularly

Your house stays the same size, but if you’re like me, overtime the house will feel smaller and smaller and before long you start feeling suffocated inside.


A lot of times, it is simply because we keep buying new items without throwing anything away. So below is a simple list of the things in the house that you MUST revisit every three to six months so that your house doesn’t become the storage place of stuff that eats you up.

1. Clothes – this is the #1 space eater in many households, especially when you are a shopaholic with many kids. Remember that if you have kids, they grow up and what you buy them won’t be wearable for a long time. You must revisit the wardrobe every 3-6 months to ensure that only things that fit are kept. Give the rest to a charity.

2. Shoes – for the same reason as #1.

3. DVD, CD, VCD – most homes don’t have the space to keep buying more and more CD racks, yet you keep overflowing this limited space with more and more CDs What my family does is re-look our CD shelves and DVD drawers every six months. We throw things that we have watched and not entirely love. We set aside CDs/DVDs that we have mistakenly bought twice.

4. Books, magazines, newspapers. Admit it, most books (especially fictions) are only read once! And newspapers are only good for one day, magazine no more than one month. So get rid of the idea of keeping them “for future reference”. In our house, we keep newspapers for the last two days. We keep our non-fictions, but re-sell / give away all fictions at regular intervals. We keep magazines for one month.

5. Food items. You buy different sauces and food items, thinking you will eventually cook them, and then leave them in the kitchen cabinets and fridge for months (or years). Or you decided to take home some food that you can’t finish in a restaurant, then keep them in the fridge and forget about them. Look at your fridge EVERY WEEK to see which items are expired, which veges and fruits have gone rotten, and which takeaway containers you should take away. Then look at your kitchen cabinets where you keep the less perishables every three months, ensure that

6. Medicines and cosmetic items. I like to keep a box of day-to-day medicines for emergency, so I don’t have to look for the nearest pharmacy in the middle of the night when one of us gets fever or flu. But people, including us, usually forget that these pills and syrups have an expiry date. Especially eye drops, which apparently needs to be finished within TWO WEEKS after first use.

Another bad habit is buying beauty products and cosmetics … body lotions are our weak point … we have tons of them at home. Most of these items are useless after 6-12 months, so do look into your bathroom cabinets and drawers and throw them away.

7. Toys and baby equipment – Especially the case when you have kids. Again, remember that kids grow up and they grow tired of their old toys. So make sure that you relook them every year and give away the old ones that your kids no longer want.

Some kids simply don’t want to give any toys away. I was too, when I was a kid. But my mom taught me that unless I still play with them regularly, it belongs to someone else who needs it more. I’m now teaching the same principle to my son. And as he sees us giving away some of our items (usually books, clothes and shoes), he learns to become less possessive about his toys and books. The same principle goes into his “big ticket items” like guitar, computer, iPod, etc. Unless he uses them regularly – these items must go where they will be more appreciated.

8. Those gifts from people that you will never use. Are you one of those people who would keep anything that people give you, out of courtesy, even though you know you will NEVER use them? I used to be one of them, until I run out of space to store them. Learning from that experience, we regularly give away fancy items that we can’t use (many of them brand new!) … Good thing I have lots of aunties, uncles and cousins to offer these items to 🙂   And we now strictly get into the habit of doing a gift registry, or telling peple what we need, if we are hosting a special event (birthdays, Christmas, etc.) to make sure that none of these gifts, some of them quite pricey … are not wasted.

This list should get rid of quite some junks in your house and free up some space to make your house more a home. Good luck!

~ by elinski on October 16, 2008.

One Response to “Items that You Should Throw Away Regularly”

  1. Wow…
    this is very inspiring..
    Now I know why I keep thinking I never had enough space

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